Count, Size and Phenotype the Invisible

Direct from sample, label-free characterization of Extracellular Vesicles with no purification required.  


Complete Characterization of Extracellular Vesicles


No Labeling

Overcome the challenges associated with fluorescent labeling. Phenotype direct from sample with no labels. 

EV Count

Count the number of antigen positive EVs direct from sample with no purification. 

EV Size

Measure with high resolution, the size of individual antigen positive EVs


Measure the changes in your sample, not the biases from your purification technique. 


Multiplexed sample analysis

Measure in parallel, a range of markers within a sample. Measure the size, concentration, antigen co-localization in a simultaneous and multiplexed manner

streamlined workflow 

Automated instrument measurement and paralleled sample preparation reduce hands-on time and sample throughput 

validated assays

Range of validated capture antibodies available. Custom design (direct or via secondary antibodies) also available 



The ExoView Platform: Complete characterization of Extracellular Vesicles.

At NanoView Biosciences, we are bridging the gap that exists between the requirements of the EV researcher and the capabilities of existing analytical equipment. We provide the ability to measure direct from sample without the need to purify.  We provide multiplexed analysis of EVs; size concentration and phenotype without the need for fluorescence labels. Removing the need for purification and labeling means that many of the biases associated with sample preparation are removed. The ExoView platform provides critical information that will assist in the translation of extracellular vesicle research, into the clinical and therapeutic environment.  


Multiplexed measurement of surface markers from a single sample. Link phenotypic information to the size and concentration of single EVs with no purification required. 


It is widely accepted that the purification techniques used to purify extracellular vesicles, introduce sample biases that ultimately influence the quality of the data produced by existing analytical instruments.  Purification techniques are broadly based on density purification, size based purification, or precipitation. In all cases there are a host of contaminants which co-purify based on them having similar size or density to the target population of EVs. When looking for rare events or for subtle changes in EV sub-populations, the variability and biases introduced through purification may limit biological understanding.  The issues associated with sample purification are commonly cited as being the biggest limiting factor in the progression of EV based platforms, into clinical diagnostics and therapeutics. The ideal analytical tool would by-pass sample purification and be able to fully characterize extracellular vesicles direct from biological samples, with high specificity, in low volumes with adequate detection sensitivities to be clinically relevant. 

The ExoView platform is such a tool,  it  provides phenotyping, sizing and concentration measurements direct from biological fluids, with high precision and excellent sensitivity it also bypasses the arduous purification protocols which bias the data generated.


 We've put together an experienced team of technical, commercial and industry experts at NanoView Biosciences. We have a wealth of experience with the extracellular vesicles field and the broader diagnostic and life sciences markets. We are keen to engage with customers at all levels, so please do feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your projects and research, we'd love to hear from you!


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