Winner of the SLAS 2019 New Product Award!

A step forward in characterization capabilities within the extracellular vesicles (EV) field. The fully automated platform provides multi-level and comprehensive EV measurements for particle size analysis, EV count, EV phenotype, and biomarker colocalization. The ExoView™ platform provides previously unattainable information in a single and bias free sample workflow.

ExoView™ works without the need for sample purification, and brings the researcher one step closer to analyzing a sample in its natural state. ExoView™ R100 is an affinity based technology that allows specific populations of EVs to bind in a multiplexed manner to a functional ExoView™ chip. The fully automated instrument can measure 9 samples automatically, direct from sample, saving cost, time, and reducing purification biases.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


ExoView™ R100 Key Features:



3 color fluorescence. Single binding event sensitivities mean that even the smallest EVs are detectable

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Measure the size of EVs down to 50nm in interferometric imaging mode. (smaller vesicles detectable in fluorescence)

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Count the number of EVs expressing specific surface markers

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Measure up to 4 proteins per EV. Measure EV sub-populations through relative protein expression



Capture and characterize EV sub-populations from a single sample against up to 6 surface proteins

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35µl of diluted plasma or conditioned media can be measured directly, without the need for sample purification

Streamlined workflow

Automated analysis of up to 9 samples with single button sample analysis

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Probe for EV luminal proteins and cargo



Measure up to 4 markers on single EVs:

The ExoView™ platform provides the ability to measure up to 4 markers on single EVs. The multiplexed array allows up to 6 markers to be probed in parallel through binding of the EVs to an ExoView™ chip. The addition of fluorescent antibodies provides the ability to probe for an additional 3 markers with single fluorescent antibody sensitivity.

The image shows the binding of single EVs to a CD9 antibody spot, interferometric imaging measurements are shown to the left and 3 color fluorescence on the right. A heat map of marker expression on single EVs can be generated (external or luminal proteins), while simultaneously measuring their size and count.





Minimum Particle Size Scatter




5x105 to 1x108 particles/mL

Concentration Linearity

Better than 10 fluorescein equivalents

Fluorescence Sensitivity

410nm (interferometry)
488nm (fluoresence)
555nm (fluoresence)
640nm (fluoresence)

Excitation Wavelengths


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.