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Exosomes Research

Interest and subsequent research into exosomes is continuing in the fields of science and medicine, due in large part to the recent discovery that exosomes contain functional RNA. Exosomes, in a living organism, are present in several bodily fluids, for example: joint membrane, saliva, urine, amniotic fluids, plasma and many cells in the human body are able to produce and release exosomes into their neighbouring environment. 

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What is Liquid Biopsy

Liquid biopsy was named as one 2015’s ten best breakthrough technologies according to the MIT Technology Review.  Although, the practice has been around for some time, renewed pursuit of academic studies in the field of exosomes is pushing forward further scientific work looking at the benefits liquid biopsy. This renewed interest in exosomes partly explains the resurgence of interest in liquid biopsies as a way forward in cancer cell detection and treatment.

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What are Oncosomes?

Oncosomes are, at present, scientifically understood to be membrane-derived micro-vesicles that are secreted by cancer cells and transfer oncogenic messages and protein complexes across cell borders. The names, from, oncogenic: relating to tumour formation or tending to cause tumours, oncosomes are being characterised as exosomes that contain oncogenic cargo and/or unique signatures of the tumour cells from which they emerge.

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